Home roasted coffee shop Sutori opens in Hanoi – Big selections of Japanese comics

PUBLISHED Dec 24, 2021

Exterior of Sutori

Home roasted coffee shop Sutori (70 Duong 19/5, Van Quan, Ha Dong, Ha Noi) opened in Ha Dong district, Hanoi on December 5.

The shop owner Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen had studied in Japan for four years. Nguyen loves coffee and says “ I learned coffee culture when I was in Japan.” After back in Vietnam, Nguyen opened this cafe and comments “I would like to create a place where is full of coffee taste and interesting stories.”

The size of the shop is 140 square meters for total floors. They have 7 seats at the counter, 12 tables, and can accommodate 45 customers. There is kawara (Japanese roofing tile) at the entrance and the name of the cafe is written in Katakana (Japanese letters). The interior is based on dark brown wooden material and Nguyen explains “We designed this shop in Japanese style so that customers make it comfortable.”
In addition, Japanese comics are lined up on a large bookshelf that uses the entire wall.

The menu includes; Creamer coffee, Nagoya (45,000 VND) with a little liquor; Cold brew coffee, Tokyo (49,000 VND) that combines the scents of orange and lemongrass; Kyoto (55,000 VND) mixed with salt cream; Americano (from 35,000 VND) combined with orange; Vietnamese traditional white coffee (from 35,000 VND). Besides, the café offers Affogato (45,000 VND) that espresso on taro ice cream.

Nguyen adds “All cup of coffee has each story here. We would like to hear customer’s tales as well so that please come and try home-roasted coffee at first.”

Opening hour is 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The parking lot is for 5 cars and 20 motorbikes.

  • Inside Sutori

  • Coffee from Sutori

  • Coffee from Sutori

  • Inside Sutori