Fruits drink shop in Hanoi has two years anniversary – Offering smoothies using sticky rice and avocado

PUBLISHED Jan 5, 2022

Staffs at Juicee Lab

Fruits drink shop, Juicee Lab (16 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi) had two years anniversary on December 20.

The concept of this shop is based on one fundamental question; Why are healthy drinks not tasty? One of the co-founders, Bui Thi Yen says “We have developed highly nutritious and easy-to-drink recipes using fresh fruits, without adding any sugar or chemicals.” Bui adds “It has been tough two years since we tried to form a new brand as a store while overcoming difficulties of the pandemic.”

For fruits drinks, the store offers; Falling in love (55,000 VND), which is a mixture of green Com (sticky rice in Vietnamese) and avocado; Feel the beets (50,000 VND), which is a juice of grape and beetroot topped with aloe; special fruits juice, Mars (50,000 VND) that uses apple, pineapple, dragon fruit.

The size of the shop is 80 square meters. They have 12 tables and can accommodate approximately 40 customers. The inside of the store is based on royal blue and grey colors. Bui comments “The concept of design is young and modern.” Besides tables for family and friends, they also have space for study or work, and long tables for groups.

Bui says “We plan to open new stores in Hanoi and other cities in Vietnam to offer our juice for more customers. At the same time, we wish our shop to be the place our customers can enjoy healthy drinks at modern space, or spend lovely time with their lovers.”

The opening hour is 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The shop offers delivery options as well. Customers can order via smartphone apps such as Shopee Food, Grab food, and Baemin.

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