Bakery shop, SAPO BAKERY opens in Hanoi – Food stand also offers oden and Korean food

PUBLISHED Feb 22, 2022


It has been two months since SAPO BAKERY (8 Quang Trung, Ha Dong, Ha Noi) that sells bread and donuts opened in Ha Dong district, Hanoi.

The shop opened on December 28 last year. This is the first store of SAPO BAKERY that is run by food maker, DONA Viet Nam. Nguyen Dinh Dao who works at the PR office says “ We have provided products for VinMart, AEON Mall, and Sunshine Mart from north to central Vietnam. From now on, we would like to expand our business to northern Vietnam, centered in Hanoi.”

The size of the store is 600 square meters. They have 12 tables on the open terrace that is in front of the shop. In addition, the store can accommodate approximately 40 customers. Next to the terrace, there is a food stand that offers Japanese and Korean dishes such as oden (Japanese stew), fried noodles, okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes), tteokbokki (Korean spicy-sweet rice cake), and hot dog.

The shop offers several types of bread; fermented bread, Brioche (65,000 VND) with sweet texture; Garlic bread (69,000 VND) soaked in garlic butter; Whole grain bread for weight loss program (35,000 VND); Colorful chocolate donuts (15,000 VND); Fried noodle with beef (39,000 VND), etc. Drinks include; Thai tea with cheese; Jasmine milk tea (more than 39,000 VND); and Fruit juice (25,000 VND).

Nguyen comments “We have a safe production system that complies with ISO standards” and adds “We hope that customers will feel blissful not only in the number and quality of products but also in comfortable spaces and services.”

Opening hour is from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The parking lot is for 15 cars and 100 motorbikes.

  • Bread from SAPO BAKERY

  • Food stand from SAPO BAKERY

  • Exterior of SAPO BAKERY

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