European-style café, Mellenim Café opens in Hanoi – Featuring beauty of space and offering 45 kinds of drinks

PUBLISHED Mar 8, 2022

Inside Mellenim Café

It will be two months soon since the European-style café, Mellenim Café (100 Chua Lang, Dong Da, Ha Noi) opened in Dong Da district, Hanoi.

The café opened on January 8. They searched what is required for café space in advance and analyzed the needs of customers. The café manager, Nguyen Ba Hoang Long used various ideas for designing the café and says “We wanted to offer a great café experience in a beautiful space.”

The building is three stories and each floor has 50 square meters. They have fifteen tables and can accommodate approximately 70 people. The feature of the design is the modern interior and exterior based on blue and grey colors. At the same time, they also contain Korean style design partially. Nguyen comments “blue-grey color that is used for exterior and logo symbolizes silent and provides calm.” Nguyen also adds “The first floor is for customers who work on their laptop. The second and third are suitable for relaxing.”

The menu includes; almond coffee “SaPa” mixed with Arabica coffee beans coffee, almond syrup, milk foam; Milkshake (from 55,000 VND) combined with green rice cake (com in Vietnamese), cream, coconut milk; Original tea “Mellenim Signature” (49,000 VND) devised by a professional barista team with the scent of fruit and rose; Croissant with salted eggs; and Red velvet cake (from 45,000 VND). Besides, the café offers 45 kinds of drinks and 10 kinds of cakes. In addition, take away option is available.

Nguyen says “The goal is to have customers who come once use our café regularly. It is pleasure if they visit here for various purposes such as enjoy chatting with their friends, relax.”

Opening hour is 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

  • Exterior of Mellenim Cafe

  • Drinks and cakes from Mellenim Café

  • Counter at Mellenim Café

  • Inside Mellenim Café