Modern art gallery opens in Hanoi – First exhibition is hosted by 15 sculptors

PUBLISHED Mar 14, 2022

Inside Anh Duong Art Space

Vietnamese modern art gallery, Anh Duong Art Space (HimLam Palace, Khu Trung Doan 918, Phuc Dong, Long Bien, Ha Noi) opened in Long Bien district in Hanoi on February 24.

The gallery is established by a real estate agency HimLam and Xa Hoi Anh Duong which handles introduction and trade promotion. The aim is to hold art events and find modern art collections and artists. Curator, Duong Thu Hang says, “It’s not only an art space for exhibiting works, but also an art space for artists to get inspiration.” Duong also adds “Tangible and intangible heritage in antique and heritage collections will also be on display.”

The first exhibition is “Trien Lam Dieu Khac (Sculpture Exhibition) 2022” produced by 15 sculptors. As part of an artist introduction project with the theme of “Duong Toi Anh Duong (The way to light)”, 47 works of stone, steel, and iron are exhibited. Duong explains “15 artists are the rising stars of the sculpture industry. Their art goes beyond the physical limits of materials and shapes to create special effects and visual impressions” The exhibition will open until May 20th.

Duong says “We would like to develop Anh Duong Art Space and hope it will be Anh Duong art museum in the future.”

Opening hour is 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Art pieces from Trien Lam Dieu Khac 2022

  • Sculpture from Trien Lam Dieu Khac 2022