French café and bakery, Local Bread offers cakes and macarons

PUBLISHED Apr 25, 2022

Garden space at Local Bread

French café, Local Bread (22/45/200 Au Co, Tay Ho, Hanoi) offers fresh pastry has opened in Tay Ho district on April 9.

The shop offers French pastry, bread, and cakes. The shop owner Nguyen Duy Hai who used to study in France says “I got an inspiration from a café I liked when I was studying in France.” Nguyen gave the name to this cafe and wish to offer good quality bread to locals.

Nguyen remembered her student life and says “One day I woke up in the morning and realized I was at home-sick suddenly.” Nguyen adds “I went out and found a café. Then I ordered coffee and a croissant. I sometimes was just seeing people across the street.” He had a hard time but says “Smell of freshly baked bread makes me feel relieved.”

The size of the shop is 300 square meters. The store has 20 tables inside and outside, and they can accommodate approximately 70 people. For interior and exterior, they use light brown and orange which is the main theme color to be a familiar bakery for locals.

The bread they offer includes; Classic Croissant (25,000 VND) using French butter; French sweet bread, Pain au Chocolat (39,000 VND) with chocolate; and Strawberry yogurt cream roll cake (160,000 VND for 12 cm size); Macaron (25,000 VND) such as strawberry, passion fruit, chocolate flavor. Drinks are; Tiramisu Latte (65,000 VND); Yuzu Matcha; and Butterfly Pea & Mint Tea (from 75,000 VND).

Nguyen says “Customers can enjoy French drink and freshly baked cakes in the beautiful and comfortable garden space.”

Opening hours is from 8:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. Delivery option is available as well. The smartphone app, Shopeefood, Grabfood, Baemin and Capichi. The parking lot is only for motorbikes.

  • Shop owner of Local Bread, Nguyen Duy Hai (left) and staffs

  • Exterior of Local Bread = French café and bakery in Hanoi

  • Inside Local Bread = French café and bakery in Hanoi

  • Cakes and bevarages from Local Bread = French café and bakery in Hanoi

  • Cakes from Local Bread