Book café, The Wiselands Coffee in Hanoi offers 3,000 books and comfortable space surrounded by plants

PUBLISHED May 9, 2022

Exterior of The Wiselands Coffee

It will be three months soon since a book café, The Wiselands Coffee (17 Ha Hoi, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi) opened in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

The café is run by a development and investment firm that offers educational solutions, VIVI EDU. This company opened this café on February 11 as a new café space model with a free community library. At the same time, they opened another one in Ho Chi Minh City as well. The person in charge says “We wanted to create a space where customers can communicate with each other. In addition, they can have meetings and enjoy drinks in a comfortable space surrounded by plants. ”

The café is two stories building. There are 20 tables and they can accommodate 100 customers. The interior is based on a wood-brown color and decorated with plants. More than 3,000 books are not only for reading but also for purchasing and free rental. Categories of books are literature, art, economics, management, for young-teenager and foreign books.

The drink menu includes; Salted Egg Cream Coffee; Cascara tea made by boiling coffee cherry skin (49,000 VND); Rose Lavender Tea (39,000 VND); Milk tea (47,000 VND) mixed with Oolong tea, lotus seeds, and formed milk; Juice; and Smoothies. The café comments “If you are stressed after studying or working, please come here and relax.”

The company will offer a scholarship program, ViVI EDU. In addition, they will develop a cafe model that provides an opportunity to access books and knowledge nationwide by associating with sponsors such as the Ministry of Information and Communication, the Publishing and Printing Exchange Bureau, and the Vietnam Publishing Association. Besides, they plan to add websites and fan pages to support domestic publishers and publishers. An event will also be held in collaboration with the online book sales site,

Opening hour is from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

  • The interior based on wood brown color = The Wiselands Coffee opened in Hanoi

  • The interior with plants = The Wiselands Coffee opened in Hanoi

  • Cascara tea from The Wiselands Coffee = The Wiselands Coffee opened in Hanoi

  • Books from The Wiselands Coffee = The Wiselands Coffee opened in Hanoi