Comfortable cafe, Another Coffee opened by three co-owners

PUBLISHED May 16, 2022

Counter and loft at Another Coffee

Another Coffee (So 1 Ngach 49 Ngo 64 Nguyen Luong Bang, Dong Da, Ha Noi) opened in Dong Da district, Hanoi on April 26.

The shop owner, Nguyen Phuong Thao runs this cafe with two friends. One day, they had coffee at the cafe and agreed to open their own coffee shop. Nguyen says “There are many types of cafes in Hanoi. We established our own style coffee shop which is our favorite.” Nguyen also adds “We also enjoyed preparation like decorating the interior with plants and trying the recipe.”

The cafe is a two-story building and each floor is 30 square meters. There are 16 tables and they can accommodate approximately 40 people. The cafe has a private space for groups and a terrace area in front of trees. In addition, there is a space for study and work on the second floor. The interior is based on beige and grey color and is decorated with plants, and wooden furniture which is dark brown color.

The menu includes; Mint Mojito Coffee with fresh mint; Cold brew coffee with fruit flavors such as lychee, and lemon; and Tea with great fruits, orange, jasmine tea, peach, and passion fruits. (55,000 VND)

Nguyen says “We are not too ambitious. We just want our cafe to be the place where customers feel comfortable and relaxed. Also, we hope customers will come again.”

Opening hour is from 800 a.m. to 1000p.m. A parking lot is for one car and 20 motorbikes.

  • Exterior of Another Coffee

  • Inside Another Coffee

  • Poetry on the shelf

  • Coffee from Another Coffee

  • Lychee cold brew coffee from Another Coffee