Grocery chain store, CP Fresh Shop opens its first store in Hanoi

PUBLISHED May 25, 2022

Exterior of CP Fresh Shop

It has been one month since Food store, CP Fresh Shop Hanoi Store (LK1-10, Nga 5 Ha Tri, Ha Cau, Ha Dong, Ha Noi) which offers certified products based on food safety and hygiene standards such as HACCP,  opened in Ha Dong District, Hanoi.

The shop opened on April 6. C.P Vietnam Livestock, which is engaged in industry, agriculture, and food processing business runs this store. The company deploys stores in the Northern area including Hai Phong, Bac Giang, Nghe An, and Nam Dinh. At the same time, this store is their first project in Hanoi. At the store, they offer in-house produced pork, chicken, eggs, sausages, ham, processed products such as fried spring rolls, and fish and shellfish.

The size of the store is approximately 50 square meters. The food product satisfies food safety criteria like Viet GAP, Global GAP, and HACCP and is stored in a showcase for the fridge or frozen products. For meat, traceability (production and distribution history) from livestock farms to stores via processing factories is recorded and managed by a clean process based on the concept of Feed, Farm, Food (3F).

The main products are; Pork such as shoulder loin, thighs and roses (from 85,000 VND/kg); Chicken wings (from 44,000VND/500 g); and Pack of 10 eggs (from 28,000 VND); Fried chicken donuts (500 grams = 55,000 VND/ 500g); Yakitori skewers (55,000 VND/500g).

Sales Director, Phan Thanh Tuan says “We started this chain store to offer an opportunity to improve customer’s health care through providing safe food. We hope that consumers in Hanoi will accept it.”

Opening hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • Frozen food from CP Fresh Shop

  • Eggs and processed products from CP Fresh Shop

  • Pork and chicken from CP Fresh Shop