Online seminar, market development in Vietnam will hold in October

PUBLISHED Sep 14, 2022

CEO of SDS consulting, Ta Huong Ly calls for participation

The event organizer, SHINSEN VIETNAM (Ba Dinh district, Hanoi) will hold an online seminar on October 16. The theme is market development in Vietnam.

The target of the seminar is companies that would like to expand their business in Vietnam. The seminar includes two-part. The first topic is what companies should know about Vietnamese culture and the market. The second topic is the Basics of transportation, custom, and tariffs. Local experts conduct this seminar in Japanese.

In the first session, Ta Huong Ly, who is the CEO of SDS consulting will explain the cultural differences between Japan and Vietnam, the working culture, and study cases in terms of Japanese companies. SDS consulting is specialized in investment, HR, and admin for Japanese companies. In the second part, Luong Quoc Anh who is the CEO of GK LOGISTICS VIETNAM will talk about trade and the latest trends in the logistics industry. GK LOGISTICS VIETNAM has 12 years of experience in Japan-Vietnam logistics.

The target audience is companies and individuals who are interested in developing sales channels in Vietnam. The organizer also will send invitations to corporations that offer general products including food, frozen, health product, liquor, cosmetics, daily goods and baby items.

The event will be held from 15:00 to 17:00 (Japan time). Free admission. The capacity is about 100 people (up to 1 person per company). Applications will be accepted on the special website until September 29.