Shaved ice cafe, HATA opens its first location in Hanoi

PUBLISHED Sep 29, 2022

Shaved ice and drinks

The cafe chain, HATA opened a new location in Ha Dong district on September 10. The address is Doi Dien,72 Le Lai, Ha VND, Ha Noi.

The company has four locations in Quang Ninh province and one in Hai Phong. They offer shaved ice using natural ingredients and drinks. The shaved ice looks pop and colorful. At the same time, the main target of this cafe is young people. Customers can choose from six types of topping such as tapioca. Also, the amount of ice and sugar is customizable.

The theme color of the interior and exterior is white and green, which are its brand image. They have tables, sofas inside and a terrace area as well. Customers will see the original character who is eating shaved ice with a smile. The company comments “This character symbols young people who are passionate about enjoying gourmet. At the same time, they are not afraid of challenging something new and unique.”

Shaved ice includes various flavors such as mango, brown sugar tapioca milk tea (60,000 VND), durian (89,000 VND), and tiramisu (75,000 VND). Drinks are tiramisu caffe latte (45,000 VND), green cream cheese milk tea (38,000 VND), caramel cream cheese flappecino (58,000 VND), peach tea (43,000 VND), etc. (all are eat-in prices).

The cafe opens for 24h.