Yokohama iekei ramen Tatsuichi ya opens in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi

PUBLISHED Nov 27, 2022

Exterior of Tatsuichi ya

Yokohama iekei ramen Tatsuichi ya opens in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi on November 1. The address is 112 Phan Ke Binh, P. Cong Vi, Q. Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

Tatsuro Kanematsu who runs a grilled chicken restaurant, Sumibouzu in Kim Ma area owns this ramen shop. Kanematsu had run Sumibouzu in Hiratsuka city, Kanagawa, Japan for 20 years. However, he decided to open the same restaurant in Hanoi 2016 because he wanted to challenge himself in a foreign country. Then he has two restaurants in Kim Ma and Hai Ba Trung that he opened in June. Also, he opened a franchise restaurant in Hai Phong.

This new ramen shop offers iekei style ramen for two reasons. One is because Kamematsu is from Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. Ikekei ramen origin from his hometown. The other is that Sumibouzu also offers ramen and it is pretty popular. The size of the ramen shop is 58 square meters. There are 30 seats including tables and counter seats. In front of the entrance, there is also a terrace area. The second floor is also available if customers reserve seats with a group.

The menu includes Tokuichi Ramen, Pork Ramen, Ajitama Ramen, Negi Ramen, and more. Prices start at 170,000 VND. Customers can choose from three levels for the firmness of the noodles, the strength of the flavor, and the amount of fat. Five types of toppings are available, including seaweed, roasted pork, and flavored egg. In addition, side menus such as fried chicken and gyoza are also popular.

To seek authentic flavor, the ramen shop imports ramen soup from Japan. Roasted pork, gyoza, and boiled spinach are homemade. Kanematsu is also a big fan of ramen so he wishes locals to try Japanese iekei ramen there.

The opening hour is from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Closed on Sundays.

  • Inside Tatsuichi ya

  • Tables from Tatsuichiya

  • Tokuichi ramen from Tatsuichi ya

  • Negi ramen from Tatsuichi ya

  • Gyoza from Tatsuichi ya