Nguyen The Hung holds exhibition under the theme of Women’s sensibility at Anh Duong Art Space

PUBLISHED May 29, 2023

Venue at Anh Duong Art Space

A painter, Nguyen The Hung holds her temporary exhibition at Anh Duong Art Space. The address is Long Bien Golf Course, Khu Trung Doan 918, Phuc Dong, Long Bien, Ha Noi.

This exhibition is a part of Duong Toi Anh Duong, which is an association project with Hanoi Studio gallery. The foundation introduces artworks and artists considered creativity and artistic sense.

Nguyen The Hung graduated Vietnam University of Fine Arts in 2009. She created artworks using papyrus, urushi, and charcoal and had held exhibitions more than 10 times so far. At the exhibition, she shows 25 new artworks such as urushi painting.

The title of this exhibition, Xin nhe tay – Tham thi – Toi o day means “Please be kind to me, I am here.” The artworks are focused on young ladies. Nguyen says “Many women are proactive and confident in their youth and beauty. They are playing an important role in terms of various industries such as technology and fashion. At the same time, they are also very sensitive, anxious, and in need of kindness.” Therefore, Nguyen focuses on the latter aspect and emphasis the sensible dimension and expressed women’s feeling that they desire the world to notice their vulnerability.

The opening hour is from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Opening days are until July 12.

  • Exhibition under the theme of Womens sensibility

  • Venue at Anh Duong Art Space