Cafe, TEAZY opens in VCCI tower, Hanoi – Pink colored interior entertains customers

PUBLISHED Jun 20, 2023

Inside TEAZY

It has been one month since the cafe, TEAZY which offers milk tea and coffee opened in Dong Da district. The opening day was on June 15, and the address is VCCI Tower, 9 P. Dao Duy Anh, Phuong Lien, Dong Da, Ha Noi.

TEAZY, a new tea shop, has recently opened its second store in the reception hall of the high-rise office building, VCCI Tower Hanoi. The first store opened in Nam Tu Liem District, and the business goes well. The name, TEAZY is a mixed word of Tea and Easy. It is a catchy word that promotes a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere with the slogan of “Take it Teazy!”

The brand has chosen pink as its brand concept color, which is evident in the uniformity of pink tables, chairs, and cups for take-aways. In addition to the indoor seating area, TEAZY has also provided terrace seating in front of the store, allowing customers to enjoy their tea in an outdoor setting.

TEAZY aims to create a welcoming environment for tea enthusiasts, where they can unwind and enjoy their favorite beverages. With its strategic location in the reception hall of VCCI Tower Hanoi, the new store is poised to attract a diverse range of customers, including office workers and visitors to the building.

The cafe offers a variety of milk teas, such as Oolong tea, Matcha, and Chocolate flavors (from 55,000 VND). They also serve Vietnamese coffee, both black and with milk (from 35,000 VND), Cappuccino, and Americano.

Besides, TEAZY provides a selection of refreshing juices including Mango Pineapple (from 45,000 VND), and smoothies made from Avocado or Coconut (from 60,000 VND). For those looking for a light meal, they offer two types of sandwiches: Traditional Sandwich and Egg with Pork Jerky Sandwich (from 35,000 VND).

The opening hour is from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Closed on Sunday.

  • Entrance at TEAZY

  • Terrace area at TEAZY

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