Com ga Ba Nga opens 4th branch in Hanoi – Authentic taste from Hoi An

PUBLISHED Aug 3, 2023

Chicken rice from Com ga Ba Nga

Com ga Ba Nga opened its 4th restaurant in Vinh homes smart city in Hanoi on July 5th. The concept of the restaurant is the local taste of Hoi An. The headquarter is in Hoi An but they have other branches in Hai Ba Trung and Trung Hoa. The name of this restaurant in Vietnamese means Nga’s chicken rice.

The interior walls of the restaurant are adorned with yellow color, and lanterns and lanterns, which are symbolic of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed ancient town of Hoi An, are placed throughout. The tables are all the same and can be joined together to accommodate different group sizes.

The menu offers various Vietnamese dishes, such as Chicken Rice (68,000 VND), Offal Rice (45,000 VND), Steamed Chicken (from 245,000 VND/ half potion), Chicken Pho, Chicken Sticky Rice (more than 40,000 VND), Chicken Lemon Salad (68,000 VND), and Hoi An’s famous mixed noodle dish, Cao Lau (50,000 VND).

This combination of the restaurant’s ambiance with the beautiful decorations and delicious dishes allows both tourists and locals to have an enjoyable dining experience, capturing the essence of Hoi An’s charm.

The opening hour is from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

  • Inside Com ga Ba Nga

  • Lantern from Com ga Ba Nga

  • Chicken pho from Com ga Ba Nga

  • Grilled pork rice from Com ga Ba Nga