Thai Market opens in Hanoi – Authentic dishes by Vietnamese chef

PUBLISHED Apr 14, 2021

Staffs at the restaurant

Thai restaurant Thai Market opened in Hanoi (112 Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi) on 16th March 2021.

Thai market is the chain restaurant that opens 6 in Danang and 1 in Hoi An. Ngo Thu Ha, who is on the marketing team said they decided to open a new restaurant in Hanoi this year to expand the market of their brand.

The restaurant is a three-storied building that has 394 square meters. The first floor has 10 tables, the second table has 10 tables and private space and the third floor has 6 tables inside, 4 tables on the balcony, and 1 private space.

The restaurant can accommodate 166 customers in total. The basic design concept of the restaurant is the “Floating Market” of Thailand. Customers can enjoy seeing decorations such as pendant light shaped like teardrops and painted pictures of Thai cuisine and sightseeing spots.

Ngo said they have all kinds of representative Thai dishes. “Seafood Pat Thai (115,000VND)” with rice noodle, shrimps, squid, green onions, sprouts, and roasted peanuts, “Seafood Tom Yam Soup (115,000VND)” with sour and spicy soup, shrimp and clams, “Special soup (159,000VND)” with stewed pork and herbs. The chef’s recommended dish is “Century egg (130,000VND)” which is wrapped in minced meat and fried, and Pork ribs (225,000VND).” For dessert, the restaurant offers “Thai Che (55,000VND)” with coconuts milk, jelly, and Dorian.

The restaurant also said they offer not only traditional Thai dishes but also unique cuisine mixed with Vietnamese chef’s creativity based on Thai recipes.

The opening hour is AM.10:00 to PM. 10:00

  • outside of the restaurant

  • inside of the restaurant

  • Pork soup at the restaurant

  • authentic dishes at the restaurant