Lotte World Aquarium opens in Hanoi – Houses 31,000 sea creatures

PUBLISHED Oct 5, 2023

A tank replicating a sunken ship

It has been two months since Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi opened in Lotte Mall Westlake Hanoi. The address is 683 Lac Long Quan, Phu Thuong, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi. The opening day was October 1.

The total area of the facility is 9,000 square meters. This is the largest aquarium in Hanoi. It boasts 67 aquariums and houses more than 30,000 animals from over 400 species, including penguins, crocodiles, seals, otters, manta rays, sharks, and more.

On the basement floor 1, there are ticket booths and entrance gates, followed by a commemorative photo space and an aquarium merchandise shop. The exhibition area begins after these sections. The interior of the aquarium is divided into four main areas: Undersea Exploration, Ocean Square, Beach Stroll, and Peaceful Village.

In the Undersea Exploration area, visitors can observe fish from glass tunnels. It features aquariums inspired by sunken ships, a tank for migratory fish, and a display space for deep-sea creatures.

The “Ocean Square” area features a large main aquarium where visitors can watch seal shows, penguins, and fish feeding. There is also a café in this area offering drinks (around 60,000 VND) and pastries like muffins, croissants, and Danish pastries (around 50,000 VND). Guests can enjoy watching fish from the café seating.

In the Beach Stroll area, there are exhibits focused on the value and conservation of mangroves, which are abundant in Southeastern Vietnam. The area also recreates the image of a temple dedicated to a fish god based on mythology, known for praying for safe voyages.

The Peaceful Village area replicates lush mountainous terrain, including mountain lakes, highland terraced fields, and tropical forests. Various species from the Mekong River basin are also showcased here. The aquarium plans to host events like stamp rallies and ecology workshops related to marine ecosystems in the future.

The operating hours are from 9:30 AM to 10:00 PM. Admission fees are 450,000 VND for adults and 300,000 VND for children (500,000 VND for adults and 350,000 VND for children on Saturdays and Sundays)

  • Glassed tunnel at Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi

  • Displaying various sea creatures

  • Peaceful village area at Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi

  • Cafe at Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi