Japanese bakery: “Zoro Bakery” has been opened in Tay Ho distinct.

PUBLISHED Apr 17, 2021

inside the shop

“Zoro bakery” (32 Quang An, Tay Ho, Ha Noi) has been opened in Tay Ho district on 6th April.

This is the second shop of “Luffy Bakery” that has already opened in Ba Dinh District. Duong Dinh Dieu, who is the shop owner said “We opened a new store in Tay Ho District so that customers living in north part of Hanoi do not have to go far to buy our bread,”. The shop area is 120 square meters, which is three times as large as their first store. The new shop has 5 tables and can accommodate 10 people in total.

The menu of the new shop is; “Bacon mayo bread” (20,000VND) baked with bacon and cheese-flavored mayo sauce, “cheese almond bread” (20,000 VND) with almonds and cheese wrapped in bread, “chocolate-flavored cream puff” (35,000 VND for 5 Pieces ), Anpan (20,000 VND), “Apple and walnut bread” (30,000 VND)

Duong said “It is a delight that many customers are interested in our first shop. Honestly, I feel sort of pressure to maintain the popularity of the shop. Especially, we had a lot of effort to develop and improve the quality of bread. With the experience of the first shop, this time we have a much higher quality of service and products. We are looking forward to seeing you.”

The opening hour is AM.07:30 to PM.09:00

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