Furyu’s second Japanese restaurant renewed to ensure private space for customers

PUBLISHED Apr 24, 2021

exterior of the restaurant

The second restaurant of Furyu  (B2–20 Vinhomes Gardenia – The Botanica, Ham Nghi, Cau Dien, Nam Tu Liem, Ha Noi), that offers authentic Japanese cuisine has moved and reopened on 31st March 2021.

They opened the first restaurant on Bui Thi Xuan street in 2013. Since this restaurant got a good reputation from customers, they opened their second in Vinhomes Gardenia which is in a luxury condominium in December 2019. This time, the restaurant moved from B1-19 to B2-20 in the same building due to expand the store and install a new facility.

This restaurant has two stories building and the size of each floor is 80 square meters. Inside the restaurant, you can see 5 counter seats and 9 tables. In addition, the second floor has a large private space that can accommodate 60 people. Nguyen Ha My, who is the store manager said “the new restaurant ensures the private space for customers, especially those who come with their family and relatives”.

The menu has more than 100 dishes such as sashimi, sushi, deep-fried food, hotpot, and ramen. The recommended menu is “special sashimi mix (8,200,000VND)” with tuna, salmon, octopus, herrings, surf clam, and mackerel. Besides, “grilled fatty tuna nigiri (70,000VND)”, and “vegetarian hotpot (198,000 VND for two people)” with stewed sweet soup and vegetables and tofu are also highly recommended.

Nguyen said “we are proud that our pork ramen (155,000VND) is not inferior to some you can find in Tokyo. We used more than 40 ingredients for soup includes meat, vegetables, seafood, and bonito, and simmer them for many hours.”

Nguyen also said “It has been more than one year since we opened our restaurant in Bin Homes Gardenia. Our customers are not only residents of this condominium. I cannot imagine how we could have overcome severe situations under COVID-19 crisis without the customer’s support. We really appreciate all people who love our restaurants.”

Opening hour is from AM 10:30 to PM 2:30 and from PM 5:00 to PM 10:00.

  • Inside the restaurant

  • Inside the restaurant

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