Fuji Tempura Ida ten opened in Hanoi – offering tempura bowl in Mt Fuji shape

PUBLISHED Apr 27, 2021

Staff at the restaurant

New tempura restaurant Fuji Tempura Ida ten (6F, Lotte Center Ha Noi, 54 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi) is opened in Ba Dinh district Hanoi on 28th March.

The CEO of this restaurant is Hoang Con Cat who had been studying and working for 11 years in Japan. He loves tempura and enjoyed a lot of experience at Izakaya and luxury restaurants. Particularly, he was significantly impressed with tempura at Fuji tempura Ida tem (Fuji Kawaguchiko cho, Minami tsurugun, Yamanashi prefecture). Since it was “overwhelming different taste from others,” he decided to bring them back to Vietnam.

Creative Resort (Yoshidashi, Fuji, Yamanashi prefecture) that owns Fuji Tempura Ida ten and Hoang started deploying a franchise chain of tempura restaurants as co-founder. In December 2020, they opened the new one in Danang. In addition, they decided to open the one on the 6 floors of Lotte center Hanoi that is near the embassy of Japan and Australia. This area is easy to access and the so-called “Japanese town of Hanoi.”

The size of the restaurant is 251 square meters, and have 2 counters, 16 tables, and 1 private room. In total, they accommodate 97 customers. The restaurant imported all necessary utensils from Japan. Using these special professional kitchen tools, they offer tempura immediately after cooking.

The menu has Mt Fuji tendon (350,000 VND) that has 6 big deep-fried shrimps, deep-fried eggplant, and fried bell pepper. Also, Tempura set (318,000VND) with big fried shrimp, fried vegetables and 3 types of sashimi, and Salmon Bowl (189,000 VND) are also recommended. Both set are with miso soup. Besides, if customers choose Grilled Eel (280,000VND) or Grilled Steak (250,000VND), they will be given buckwheat noodles or udon as selective sets.

The opening hour is from AM11 to PM 10.

  • Exterior of the restaurant

  • Counter seat of the restaurant

  • Table area of the restaurant

  • Tempura mix of the restaurant