Bitter Sweet opened in Hanoi, wishing bitter experiences turn into sweet

PUBLISHED Apr 29, 2021

Exterior of the cafe

Three months have been passed since Bitter Sweet (176-178 Thai Thinh, Dong Da, Ha Noi)  opened in Dong Da distinct, Hanoi.

The café opened on 18th January. Nguyen Thu Le, who is the shop manager said “We make coffee with beans from all around the world includes Vietnam. Our professional barista offers unique beverages with various blending methods.” The name of the café indicates their beverages entertain customers with a “bitter and sweet” taste. At the same time, they wish they manage to open a new café with bitter effort and deserve a sweet result.

The size of the café is 300 square meters with the three-story building. Also, they have 6 seats at the counter area, 30 tables, 3 private rooms for 10 to 15 customers. The café accommodates 120 customers in total. Besides, customers can enjoy relaxing time at the terrace area on the 2nd floor and rooftop space on the 3rd floor.

The drink menu includes SUA DUA – a blend of Vietnamese Arabica coffee, coconut milk, condensed milk, fresh milk, and whipped cream – (48,000 VND) , as well as the Italian style RASPBERRY ESPRESSO, which combines Colombian and Ethiopian Arabica coffee, raspberries, lemons, and honey. In addition, ORANGE MOCHA (58,000 VND) with coffee with chocolate syrup, orange liqueur, and milk is also highly recommended.

Besides, the café offers TRA QUYT LAC THAN (50,000 VND), which is a special blend of jasmine tea, mandarin oranges, pineapple, and artichoke, and fresh fruit juices. Nguyen commented “I recommend a mixed juice with apples, pineapples, and beets.”  The café also serves Tiramisu (42,000 VND) made from Italian mascarpone cheese. They also offer croissants, cookies, and snack bread.

Nguyen said, “I am looking forward to seeing customers every day. We will be the model role of modern café.”

The opening hour is from AM 7:30 to PM 10:45.

  • inside the cafe

  • counter area

  • rooftop area

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