Hanoi’s dance school celebrates 5th anniversary – New school in Vinhomes Smart City

PUBLISHED Feb 1, 2021

A lesson at The Angels Art Club

The Angels Art Club, a dance school in Hanoi, celebrated its 5th anniversary on January 6.

The two co-founders, Nguyen Tra My and Le Trang, studied at the Vietnam Academy Of Dance, a national university for dance in Hanoi, and opened their first school on Lac Long Quan Street in Tay Ho District in 2015. Since then, they opened the second school on Le Trong Tan Street in Hoai Duc District in June 2019, and the third in Vinhomes Smart City in Nam Tu Liem District in October last year.

The size of the facility ranges from 70 to 100 square meters. The name of the club, Angels, reflects their wish that “the students would become the most beautiful and gorgeous angels” by studying at their dance school. The lessons they offer include dance, Zumba, and yoga. The Angels Art Club currently offers 15 classes for men and women between the ages of 3 and 40. “The course lasts three months on average, but it can take years to achieve the skills of a professional dancer,” they said.

Since its opening, the Angels Art Club has taught “hundreds of students.” Some dancers who have trained with them have performed in the Asia Arts Festival in Singapore and Viet Nam Kids Talent and appeared on Vietnamese TV shows. In the Asia Festival dance competition, held in Singapore in 2019, the Club’s members won gold and silver medals. Other members came in second and third place in a children’s dance festival organized by the Vietnam Dancing Artists’ Association.

“Our team of excellent instructors has always practiced hard with the learners, which is why we have been able to accomplish the great results. We feel really fortunate. We are planning to start offering other classes such as ‘Singing Kids Model’ this year. We would like to continue to teach more talented students and support them so that they can participate in performances with confidence,” they commented.

Classes are held from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (from 8:00 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays).

  • Yoga lesson at The Angels Art Club

  • The studio on Lac Long Quan Street

  • Children and instructors at The Angels Art Club