Pottery and painting art shop Vietclay opens in Hanoi – offering also workshops

PUBLISHED May 8, 2021

Exterior of Vietclay

One month has been passed since Vietclay (29 Nha Chung, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi), the new art shop that sells pottery and paintings in Hoan Kiem distinct in Hanoi.

Tu Ky Long, the shop owner and also pottery lover had traveled far from Hanoi to participate in pottery workshops. Tu opened this shop on 28th March and said “People rarely have chances to see and enjoy pottery in the city. I opened this shop to create space that offers pottery experience in the center part of Hanoi.”

The name of the shop means “Vietnamese clay”  Tu also said, “Pottery professionals create their works with emotions and passions. We appreciate those materials from nature, and hands of professionals.”

The size of shop is 30 square meters for the shopping area and 15 square meters for the studio area, 45 square meters in total. The pottery for sale is categorized by primarily five collections; Flowers, Modernista, Old Hanoi, Art sculpture, and Small pretty. Their pottery is manufactured by professionals in Ba Trang village. They also have painting works drawn by famous Vietnamese artists such as Van Ngoc, Doan Quoc, and Nguyen Le Anh.

The shop has a workshop that offers excellent experiences, for example, pottery and Kado, Japanese flower arrangement every weekend. Tu said “In general pottery, artworks are believed that should be only for French-style luxury house, but it is also suitable for modern architecture. We wish our shop will be a communication place for that participant get inspirations for their life.”

The opening hour is from 9 AM to 10 PM.

  • inside the shop

  • studio at Vietclay

  • poetry works at Vietclay

  • workshop at Vietclay