Daydreamer Coffee; Brand new café in Hanoi offers original coffee made with Vietnamese beans

PUBLISHED May 11, 2021

Beverages at Daydreamer Coffee

It has been two months since the Daydreamer Coffee(19 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi)opened in Hai Ba Trung district in Hanoi.

The café was opened on 2nd March. All coffee beans that they use come from all over Vietnam such as Krong Nang in Dak Lak province and Cau Dat in Lam Dong province. Nguyen Tuan Duong, who is the shop owner said “Vietnam actually has various kinds of coffee beans but it is also true that some people get used to drinking the low-quality roasted coffee. We would like the genuine taste of coffee and want our customers to enjoy them as a daily routine.”

The owner named this shop from wishing “daydream comes true.” Nguyen also said, “it might sound vague, but it also gives as motivation to work for the dream.”

The size of the cafe is 30 square meters and has 2 counter seats, 5 tables, and 6 tables in the outside area. They can accommodate 25 customers in total. Nguyen said they used red color for the exterior, but used wooden materials for the inside area. The café is European style and a small comfortable space.

The drink menu has The royal caf(45,000VND) that is Italian style mixed coffee and earl grey, American Winter (40,000VND) that is espresso on the hot water with salted cream, and Cheezy salty caf (45,000 VND) that is coffee with cheese flavor cream.

Besides, they also have Mix tea (45,000VND) with Red guava and passion fruit, and Red appapina (50,000VND) with apple, pineapple, and red dragon fruit.

Nguyen said “We want our café to be the place offering third-wave coffee. Also, we are keen to serve coffee with the best Vietnamese coffee beans.”

Business hour is AM 08:00 to PM 10:30. The parking lot has space for 2 cars and 15 motorcycles.

  • Exterior of the cafe

  • Inside the café

  • Inside the café

  • “American winter” at Daydreamer Coffee