Onigiri and deli shop opened in Hanoi – operating from 6AM

PUBLISHED May 13, 2021


It has been two months since Momiji (32 Duong Tay Ho, Quang An, Tay Ho, Ha Noi) that offers authentic Japanese Onigiri and deli, was opened in Tay Ho distinct, Hanoi.

The shop was opened on 17th March. Chizuru Tanaka, who is the owner of this shop said “we named after Momiji to express Japanese seasons”. The size of the shop is 80 square meters and has 4 tables. The shop accommodates 14 customers in total. Tanaka also said, “we have a big tree in the garden and customers can enjoy its comfortable space”.

The menu includes the basic style onigiri such as Salted (26,000VND), Tuna and Korean spicy bean paste (32,000VND), Spicy cod roe (38,000VND). They also have mixed-style of onigiri such as Yukari and salted kombu (34,000VND), and Minced salmon and sesame (36,000VND).

The shop also has 10 types of deli, namely “one-bite deli” which includes Japanese style omelet egg (30,000VND), Potato salad (40,000VND), and Grilled mackerel (60,000VND). They have suitable beverages such as green tea, jasmine tea, coffee, and café latte. The price is from 40,000VND to 45,000 VND.

The shop has taken away or delivery (free shipping within 2km) options that are suitable for picnic and party.

Tanaka said, “Our food satisfies customers who missed department stores and corner shops in Japan. Since we open from 6 AM, it will be a pleasure that our customers pop in before they go to the office.”

Opening hours are from AM 6:30 to PM 2:30 every day except for Sunday.

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