Dim sum and Tau Pho ‘Tofu Toku’ opened its physical shop in Hanoi

PUBLISHED May 15, 2021

Chinese cuisine

Tofu Toku (Ngo 93 Ly Nam De, Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi) offers authentic Chinese cuisine such as steamed dumplings was opened on 28th April in Hoan Kiem distinct Hanoi.

The restaurant offers Chinese style Dim sum and Tao Pho, which is a Vietnamese dessert. Dao Viet Duc, who is the owner of the restaurant thought to take away style and delivery would be a new business chance during stay home period and open the online store on 2nd February. Since the online shop got popular among customers, he opened the actual restaurant.

He named this restaurant “Tofu” because Vietnamese Tao Pho looks like Japanese Tofu. He also added “Toku” as the rhythmical word. The size of the restaurant is 20 square meters. They have 4 tables and can accommodate 16 customers.

The menu includes “Ha Cao Tom” (35,000 VND), which is a steamed dumpling with minced pork, long onions, and shrimp, and “Banh Bao Kim Sa” with yellow custard dumplings on steamed buns. Also, they have “Banh Bao Xa Xiu” (from 39,000 VND), which is a Cantonese steamed bun with roasted pork.

For dessert, Tao Pho Thap Cam (25,000VND) with caramel, grass jelly, tapioca, coconut milk, on Tao Pho made from soymilk.

Dao said “All of our dishes are homemade. Since we have an actual restaurant now, we can serve authentic cuisine for our customers as soon as possible. At the same time, we also manage online order system well.”

Business hour is from 9 AM to 10 PM. The parking lot is for 2 cars and 10 motorcycles.

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