Vietnamese coffee shop in Hanoi – serving in a glass bottle

PUBLISHED May 18, 2021

Glass bottled coffee

It has been three months since RGB coffee (12 Hang Chuoi, Pham Dinh Ho, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi), the excellent coffee shop opened in Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.

The shop opened on 28th January. Do Thanh Long, who is the general manager of this shop said “we will be a chain coffee shop that offers excellent coffee using Vietnamese coffee beans. This store is the very first challenge of the long dream”.

The name of the shop derived from three colors of the coffee tree, and R means red of coffee cherry, G is for green leaves, and B represents the brown stem of trees. The shop is two stories building and the size is 85 square meters. They have 3 counters, 17 tables, and they accommodate 55 customers in total. They have a bar counter on the first floor and, outside terrace area and open space with a big window on the second floor.

The customer can choose a cup or glass-made bottle for coffee. For special coffee, they offer The Sun with milk cream flavor, The Sea with coconut flavor, The Shade with chocolate flavor, and The Snow with yogurt flavor. Each coffee is 45,000 VND for normal size, and 195,000 VND for 200 ml sized bottle. Do also said they use Arabica coffee beans from Son La and Robusta coffee beans from Dak Lak.

They have three types of traditional coffee made from Robusta beans; Black Coffee (normal size: 30,000 VND, and 100 ml bottle: 50,000 VND), Brown Coffee (normal size: 35,000 VND, and 100 ml bottle: 60,000 VND), and White Coffee (normal size: 40,000 VND, and 200 ml bottle: 70,000 VND). Besides, they also have lychee oolong tea, and lemongrass orange peach tea (50,000 VND).

Do says “we also have fusion-style coffee for customers who do not drink coffee or not used to the taste of traditional coffee. At the same time, I am sure glass-bottled coffee is also a nice idea to enjoy coffee especially in the corona times.”

Business hour is AM7:00 to PM 10:30 (to PM9:00 on Thursday). The parking lot is for 5 cars and for 25 motorbikes.


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