Three female owners opens fresh juice and smoothies shop in Hanoi

PUBLISHED May 20, 2021

Female owners who opened “3CE”

3CE (334 Lac Trung, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi) which is a new style of fresh juice and smoothies shop is opened in Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi on 26th April.

The shop was opened by three female owners who have been working as customer service specialists. Duong Thu Hong, who is one of those owners said “we opened this shop to offer tasty but also good for health beverages because we knew some customers do not want to drink sweet milk tea since they are scared to have pimple or diabetes.”

The name of the shop is the shortened word of three sisters in Vietnamese. In addition, it is also derived from “3CE” which is the name of the cosmetic brand that they love. The size of the shop is 25 square meters and has 5 tables. They can accommodate 10 customers in total.

Their menu includes; Mango and strawberries smoothies with mango from Cat Chu and Tu Quy and strawberries from Moc Chau, Detox juice with celery, apple and pineapple (30,000VND), Juice with apple, carrot, and pineapple (35,000VND), and Coconuts and Macadamia nuts milk (25,000VND). They also deliver their juice and smoothies free ship within 3km.

Duong said “Customers enjoy the real taste of vegetables and fruits because we make our juice when we receive orders from them and do not use sugar or chemical seasoning. We want our customers to enjoy our cold drinks such as fresh juice and coconut milk this summer.”

Business hours are AM 08:00 to PM 10:00. The parking lot is for 5 cars and 30 motorbikes.

  • Detox juice at 3CE

  • Counter at 3CE

  • Exterior

  • Pineapple and apple juice at 3CE