Suijin, Japanese restaurant in Hanoi started offering set menu for takeaway and delivery.

PUBLISHED May 27, 2021

Grilled beef bowl for takeaway

Suijin, the Japanese restaurant in Linh Lang street, Ba Ding district, Hanoi started offering set menu for takeaway and delivery since 6th May.

The restaurant offers authentic Yakitori (grilled chicken), Okonomiyaki (savory pancake), Motsu nabe (Hotpot), and Ramen (Egg noodle). Ngo Thanh Tung who learned Japanese cuisine from a professional chef from Toyama in Japan opened this restaurant in Hanoi on 1st January. due to the COVID-19 situation, the restaurant temporarily has stopped serving dishes for customers since 6th May. However, they receive food orders through hotline(0865791583), Facebook, and Grab food (mobile app).

The restaurant increased the number of dishes on the menu. Set menu with steamed rice (from 106,000 VND to 139,000 VND) includes Roasted pork bowl, grilled pork bowl, grilled salted mackerel bowl, and beef curry. The ramen set menu includes soy sauce ramen, salted ramen, pork miso ramen, premium pork soy sauce ramen. Also, customers can choose additional dishes such as boiled egg, steamed rice, dumpling, and roasted pork. For delivery and takeaway, the restaurant prepares ramen which is separated noodles and soup. If customers orders more than 150,000 VND, the restaurant offers free shipping for 5km.

The name came from the restaurant that is owned by the chef who taught Japanese cuisine to Ngo. He said Suijin is a person who has full of love. We will offer excellent Japanese cuisine with this amazing name. Also, the restaurant will notice on their Facebook page if they re-open the eating space for customers.

Business hour is from AM 10:00 to PM 2:00, and from PM 5:00 to PM 10:00.

  • Ramen for takeaway: separated noodle and soup

  • Exterior of the restaurant

  • Inside of the restaurant

  • Roasted pork bowl