Takoyaki shop Takosama opens in Hanoi – Offering also rice rolls and crepes

PUBLISHED Jun 1, 2021

Staff at the shop and exterior

A new takoyaki shop Takosama (106 Ngo 4C Dang Van Ngu, Dong Da, Ha Noi, TEL 0349813383) opened in Dong Da district, Hanoi on 24th April.

The shop owner Nguyen Phuong Quyen has Vietnamese and Japanese family roots. In Osaka, he learned how to cook takoyaki that was a a flour based snack in the shape of little round balls containing pieces of octopus. The shop has 6 counter seats and its design is excellent to serve takoyaki for customers as soon as they cook.

The shop offers takoyaki and kimchi takoyaki (from three to eight pieces) for 29,000VND to 65,000VND. They also have Cheese Takoyaki with cheddar cheese. The price is 59,000VND for six pieces, and 78,000VND for eight pieces. Chicken BBQ rice rolls with vegetables and fried egg (22,000VND), crepe with egg and corn are also available. Customers can order food online and phone calls.

Nguyen says, “We would like to increase the number of the menu to around 30. Also, we are looking forward to sharing Japanese culture and cuisine with Vietnamese citizens and wishes that our shop will be like a bridge between these two countries.”

Business hours: 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

  • Kimchi Takoyaki at Tako Sama

  • Authentic dishes at Tako Sama

  • Chicken BBQ rolls at Tako Sama