Modern art interiors cafe LaLam Coffee offers egg coffee and breakfast combo

PUBLISHED Oct 22, 2021

Inside the café

It has been three months since the modern art interior café, LaLam Coffee (62 Vu Mien, Tay Ho, Ha Noi, TEL 0902801669) opened in Tay Ho district, Hanoi on July 7.

The café had been closed due to COVID-19-related restrictions but resumed opening on October 15. Hong Hanh, who is a store manager comments “The feature of our café is edged modern art.”

The size of this café is 125 square meters with 25 tables. They can accommodate 100 customers in total. The store’s name means “unfamiliar with”, “blue”, and “bizarre” in Vietnamese. Hong says “We mixed these Vietnamese words and named it. This should be not difficult even for foreigners to pronounce.”

The menu includes Egg coffee (65,000 VND) with egg yolk and condensed milk that is whipped and put on top; Coconut coffee (55,000 VND); Mocktail (75,000 VND) that mixed with pineapple watermelon, mint, and sprite; Tapioca drinks (60,000 VND) with rose flavor.  Also, they offer a breakfast combo (59,000 VND) that customers can choose sweet buns and coffee but this set is available only for two hours in the morning (7 am to 9 am).

Hong says “We would like to be the place where our customers enjoy unique interior but also can be used for business scenes. On the other hand, our café also provides an excellent location for taking pictures and a quiet space for work, so that it can be suitable for multiple types of scenes.”

Opening hours: 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. The parking lot is for 3 cars and 100 motorbikes. The café offers takeaway and delivery options as well.

  • Counters at the café

  • Exterior of the café

  • Drinks and cakes from the café

  • Breakfast combo from the café