Japanese sports academy in Hanoi offers free online lessons

PUBLISHED Aug 30, 2021

Online lessons and the Japanese coaches

Sakura Sports Academy (SSA) in Cau Giay District, Hanoi, is now offering free online lessons.

The academy offers soccer, cheerleading, karate, and exercise classes for children, as well as fitness for adults. Inoue Kanta, a former J-League player/president, launched the academy in May 2019. Inoue said: “When I visited Vietnam, I was impressed by their great economic development, but at the same time, I often saw people disturbing the social order on the streets. I wanted to change and educate the society through sports.” He also explains that he is “nurturing future leaders” while teaching children about Japanese cultural aspects, such as “the spirit of caring for others,” “courtesy,” and “the power to make dreams come true.”

He began offering online lessons in August. With the concept of “having fun, promoting health, and meeting friends,” the lessons focus on mental and physical growth and include full-body exercises in the form of games and using balls so that children will not get bored. It is open to everyone, and he said that he has seen an increase in the number of girls participating and children who are new to the academy.

Each online lesson is 45 minutes long, and the lesson fee is set to be completely free until the end of September. The lesson schedule is provided upon inquiry, and the deadline for application is 6:00 p.m. on the day before the lesson.

“All the coaches at our academy are professional instructors. We have prepared practice programs that allow the children to learn most enjoyably. I hope we can make this a place where children can smile and express themselves to the fullest so that they can forget about this difficult COVID-19 situation,” Inoue added.

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.