Vietnamese dessert shop Zodi – Cake and Snacks opens in Hanoi – Traditional snacks and classic Chè

PUBLISHED Oct 18, 2021

Cake and drink from Zodi

Zodi – Cake and Snacks (28 Ai Mo, Bo De, Long Bien, Ha Noi, TEL 0989189919) has opened in Long Bien district, Hanoi on October 9.

The size of the shop is 17 square meters. The store has only one table in the shop because they offer desserts mainly by takeaway and delivery. Nguyen Thi Linh Trang who is the shop manager loves baking cakes and says “I have decided to open this shop since I wanted to express my passion at the small cute store.” There are succulents inside the shop. Nguyen chose a short name that customers can remember easily.

The menu includes Salted egg sponge cake (70,000 VND) with salted egg yolk, margarine, cheese, and dried pork flake on the plain sponge cake; Tiramisu (75,000 VND) decorated with cocoa powder on the bitter coffee and mascarpone cheese; Vietnamese classic chè (30,000 VND) with sliced almond and chia seeds on ice, syrup, milk, and matcha flavored agar-agar and longan; Tea with honey, kumquat and aloe vera (25,000 VND); and Salted mango cheese tea (30,000 VND).

Besides, they have French fries (35,000 VND to 55,000 VND) with cheese powder; Mozzarella cheese stick (45,000 VND); and Vietnamese traditional snacks (30,000 VND) that dried chicken with red pepper and lime.

Nguyen comments “We have snacks that are popular in Vietnam. Customers will enjoy safe and nutritious snacks, dessert, and drinks.”

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. The parking lot is for 1 car, 10 motorbikes. Customers can order by Facebook and smartphone app such as Shopee Food.

  • Exterior of Zodi

  • Chè from Zodi

  • Salted egg sponge cake from Zodi

  • Tea from Zodi