Citizens enjoy free journey on Vietnamese first city train, Hanoi Metro until November 20

PUBLISHED Nov 16, 2021

Train cars from Hanoi metro 2A line

Vietnamese first city train, Hanoi Metro started its operation of 2A line on November 6.

The metro runs from Cat Linh station in Dong Da district in central Hanoi to Yen Nghia station in Ha Dong district. The total length is approximately 13km. There are 12 stations in total and it takes 23 minutes from the first to last stop if the train pauses 45 seconds at each station. The train has 13 cars and is a 4-car train. 240 passengers ride on 1 carriage and 960 people can be on 1 train in total.

Operating hours are from 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for the first 6 months. The train arrives every 15 minutes. The next 6 months will be from 5:30 to 22:30 and the frequency will be every 10 minutes (once in 6 minutes in rush hours).

Passengers can use the metro for free for the first 15 days (until November 20). After that period, the first ride is 8,000 VND, stops at all sections are 15,000 VND, a one-day ticket is 30,000 VND and a one-month commuter pass is 200,000 VND.

Public relations officer says “It has been argued seriously that the main means of transportation in Hanoi such as motorcycles and cars cause severe problems like traffic jam and air pollution. This train operation declines environmental pollution in the city area and contributes to shortening the commute hours and saving transportation fees.”

The officer also adds “There are 52 bus routes around Metro Line 2A, and 16 bus routes around the first and last stations. From now on, metro users can use parking lots for bicycles and motorcycles around stations. We would like to increase the number of buses and bus stops to improve the connection between buses and the metro and it gives convenience for citizens. ”

  • Platform from Hanoi metro 2A line

  • Automatic ticket gate system from Hanoi Metro 2A line