Cubism art painter, Vu Viet Hung holds exhibition – 40 new art pieces are displayed

PUBLISHED Jun 20, 2022

Artist, Vu Viet Hung

Art exhibition, NGAY HOM QUA (It means yesterday in Vietnamese) hosted by Vu Viet Hung is currently held in V-ART SPACE (1F Ciputra Club, Phu Thuong, Tay Ho, Ha Noi) in Tay Ho district, Ha Noi.

This exhibition introduces a new work by Vu, a painter of Cubism art (a method of drawing an object with a geometrical figure) that represents Vietnam. Vu created more than 40 acrylic paintings from 2018 to 2022, and his art pieces are on display.

Vu says “Yesterday is the concept of this exhibition. Yesterday exists vaguely, and it is a space where strokes overlap intricately.” Art pieces use the expression method of cubism to break the plane and shine light from all sides of the object, adding a multifaceted perspective. Vu also says “Portraits and nudes represent the strong desires and disappointments that people have and their inner conflicts. It is like a story told with emotion,”

Vu graduated from Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts in 1994. He participated in the ASEAN art exhibition (1998~2000 and 2003) and the Vietnamese art exhibition (2002) at the United Nation headquarters in Switzerland. This is the first exhibition in Vietnam since he took part in the group exhibition, Contemporary Buddhist Art at the Hanoi University of the Arts Museum in 2017.

Vu says “People are swayed by many fluctuations and are in a hurry nowadays. I hope visitors can find their own story while slowly enjoying the paintings here.”

Opening hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Free entrance. Opening days are until July 10.

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