A+ COFFEE opens in Thuong Tin, Hanoi – 10th branch in Vietnam   

PUBLISHED Oct 17, 2023

Exterior of A+ COFFEE 

Cafe, A+ COFFEE Tuontin opened on September 23. The address is Nguyen Vinh Tich, Thuong Tin, Ha Noi. 

This is the 10th domestic location for the coffee chain “A+.” The owner, Dao Minh Tu, expressed a desire to recreate the taste, depth, and personality of classic coffee from the 1980s to the 1990s. 

The interior of the cafe is designed in a classic European retro style, with a primary color scheme of dark blue and orange. The circular order counter and coffee stand allow customers to observe the coffee and tea extraction process. The cafe provides both table and sofa seating, with windows offering a view of the street. 

The menu includes filter coffee (from 29,000 VND), espresso, Americano, and salted cream coffee (around 40,000 VND). They also offer various non-coffee beverages such as passion fruit juice, blueberry yogurt, mango and avocado shakes (from 40,000 VND), Oolong milk tea with strawberries, mango, guava (from 45,000 VND), and more. 

 For snacks, they offer petit mousses, croissants, jam bread, and other options starting from 22,000 VND. Additionally, you can find beef jerky, chicken jerky, and coconut-flavored sunflower seeds, which are priced around 30,000 VND. 

The cafe operates from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. 

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