Japanese language school, LOTUS opens in Long Bien, Hanoi

PUBLISHED Mar 14, 2023

Class at LOTUS

It has been a month since Japanese language school, LOTUS opened in Long Bien district, Hanoi on March 1. The address is No2, 49Thach Ban Street, Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien Dist, Hanoi. 

Lotus Education, the subsidiary company of Care 21 in Kita ward which works for social welfare, Osaka runs this school. They accept international students and trainees for welfare industry in Japan. As a fact, those foreign young workers perform much better than the company imagined. Therefore they have decided to establish this school to train their Japanese language skill. 

The school is five story building. There are 11 classrooms that can accommodate 15 students. They aim to provide education which is not only for Japanese language skill but also life experience. At the same time, the school holds cultural events such as Japanese calligraphy, and teaching how to wear yukata. In February, they made demon masks and threw beans under the theme of Setsubun. At the cafeteria on the 5th floor, students learned how to make Japanese food such as pork miso soup and rice balls. 

  The school runs as an educational consignment institution for students who have already decided to go to Japan as technical intern trainees or exchange students at this moment, but they plan to recruit general students in the future. 

  • LOTUS Japanese school

  • Setsubun’s demon mask

  • Students learning how to wear kimono