The ticket sales for the new opera Princess Anio have begun – World premiere at the Hanoi Opera House

PUBLISHED Jul 21, 2023

Hanoi Opera house

A new opera titled Princess Anio is scheduled to be performed at the Hanoi Opera House in Hoan Kiem District from September. The ticket sales for the opera will begin on July 20.

The opera commemorates the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam. It is a joint production by the Princess Anio executive committee (consisting of Brain Group, Yamaha Music Vietnam, and NPO International Exchange Promotion Association) and the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra. The world premiere of the opera will take place at the Hanoi Opera House.

The story of the opera is based on historical events and is set in the early 17th century during the era of the Red Seal Ships. It portrays the tale of the international marriage between Araki Sotaro, a Nagasaki trader and captain of the Shogunate-approved Araki Ship, and Princess Gock Hwa of Quang Nam (present-day central Vietnam).

The opera encompasses the events leading up to their marriage, their married life in Nagasaki, and the scene where the Sakoku (it means national isolation in Japanese) decree is issued by Nagasaki Bugyo which is the local governor of Nagasaki.

In addition to the opera, the executive committee commissioned a manga adaptation of the story to manga artist Akiho Tomimura. The manga titled Princess Anio: The Princess Across the Sea is available as a free digital version on the special website dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary of Japan-Vietnam diplomatic relations.

The opera will be performed on September 23rd and 24th. The ticket prices are as follows: S class = 2 million VND, A class = 1.2 million VND, B class = 700,000 VND. There are also plans to hold a Japan Premiere Performance in November at the Hitomi Memorial Hall in Tokyo.

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