Thai style Hu Tieu, Pi Thai opens first branch in Hanoi – Rice noodle with Tom Yum style

PUBLISHED Sep 5, 2023

Exterior of Pi Thai

Thai style Hu Tieu restaurant, Pi Thai opens in Hanoi on August 18. The address is 136 Pho Vu Pham Ham, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi.

The brand has 9 branches in Ho Chi Minh city. This is their first restaurant in Hanoi. They serve a spicy and tangy soup inspired by Thai Tom Yum Kung with rice noodles called Hu Tieu. This type of noodle is primarily consumed in southern Vietnam. This menu item was created due to the similarity between Hu Tieu and dishes found in Thai water markets.

The interior of the restaurant uses yellow for the walls and chairs. The restaurant has an open kitchen, a cashier, and table seating on the first floor, while the second floor offers air-conditioned table seating.

The menu includes options such as pork and beef Hu Tieu (around 40,000 VND), a combination of pork offal (intestines, liver, heart, etc.) and beef tendon with Hu Tieu (75,000 VND), and a Tom Yum Kung-style Hu Tieu with pork spare ribs. Customers can choose from various sizes of Hu Tieu and add toppings like dumplings, chicken wings, flavored eggs, and more (starting from 10,000 VND).

They also offer sets combining artichoke, lemon, cola, Sprite, and other soft drinks with Hu Tieu (starting from 60,000 VND).

  • Tables on the second floor

  • Hu Tieu noodles from Pi Thai

  • Hu Tieu noodles from Pi Thai

  • Hu Tieu noodle